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Challenges to Special Education in India

The need for special education has gained momentum in India only in the last few years. But still, the concept of special education in India, is mired in many superstitions and myths.

Unlike the West, special education in India has to go a long way regarding its acceptance. It’s important that everything starts at the grassroots level i.e. home. A special child needs to be first accepted in/her home, which is the first step to spread literacy about special education. It’s also a responsibility on part of the government to spread awareness by organizing camps, seminars and similar events. While some boards have provisions for special educators, government schools usually don’t have such teachers. Given that government schools all over the country have the highest number of students, distinguishing a special child is not done properly.

Convincing the parents of a special child about his/her condition is one of the major challenges special educators in our country face. It’s often a herculean task to make parents understand that their child is uniquely-abled and he/she needs a different treatment than their peers. Parents of special children must understand that they have to follow a academic curriculum which is different from their neuro-typical peers. Each special child should ideally have a customized training program.  This, however, is a rarity in India.

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